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Public Seal of Hong Kong Metal Keychain

Public Seal of Hong Kong Metal Keychain

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Keep our past well preserved and protect the history of Hong Kong. A replica of the seal pattern used by the governor on behalf of the British king during the opening of Hong Kong ( 1842-1901) .

The Public Seal of Hong Kong was once used by the Governor on behalf of the King of England, mainly for regulations passed by the Legislative Council and other important official documents. Among them, there is a picture of Aqun leading the way on the seal, which is a local symbol of Hong Kong in the colonial period. In 1842, the governor of Hong Kong, Pottinger, was ordered by the British government to design and manufacture the first Hong Kong public seal.

The badge is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part adopts one of the styles of the British National Emblem, and the lower part is a picture of "A Qun Leading the Way". Below the "Aqun Leading the Road Map" is a coast, on which several boxes of goods and some people are painted. On the opposite side is a harbor with a Chinese sailing ship and a British merchant ship respectively, and in the distance there are a group of mountains representing the Kowloon Peninsula indistinctly. According to legend, "The Map of A Qun Leading the Way" roughly tells the story that when the British soldiers first landed in Stanley, Hong Kong Island, they were led to the northern part of Hong Kong Island by an aboriginal woman named Chen Qun.

We made the Hong Kong public seal key chain with reference to the original design in 1842

  • Giving gifts and collecting boutiques for personal use highlights the identity of Hong Kong people
  • Instantly bring nostalgic Hong Kong style to your home and workplace
  • Use high-quality metal to make official seals, with first-class feel and details
  • Antique silver with old three-dimensional 3D effect, three-dimensional Aqun leading the way map, unicorn, lion and crown, etc.
  • Metal stamp size: ~4(W) x 4(L) cm
  • The pictures are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail
  • The product is handmade, and it is normal for the product to have some flower marks
  • The product is a replica, not an antique
  • It takes 3-14 days for the goods to be prepared, packed and delivered to the postal company (Except for products with specified delivery dates)

    Great Seal for Hong Kong . Source: The Illustrated London News (6 January 1844)
    <span class="caption">Great Seal for Hong-Kong</span><span>. Source:&nbsp;</span><span class="book">The Illustrated London News</span><span>&nbsp ;(6 January 1844)</span>

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