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1909 Hong Kong Remake Map Macbook Protective Case with Keyboard Protective Film Set

1909 Hong Kong Remake Map Macbook Protective Case with Keyboard Protective Film Set

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Upper cover + lower cover + keyboard membrane set

Remake 1909 Hong Kong Map Macbook Protective Case with Keyboard Protective Film Set

Do you want to own a Macbook case full of Hong Kong characteristics?
The Hong Kong map Macbook protective case can bring you a sense of belonging, which is very local.
No matter where you are, Hong Kong can accompany you to travel around, let others know that you love Hong Kong at a glance.

Use this eye-catching Hong Kong map protective case, it is definitely made with care and quality is guaranteed. Featuring muted colors and a minimalist aesthetic, this MacBook case exudes understated glamour, reflecting the unique Hong Kong location.

Suitable for friends who love Hong Kong 💝 miss the elders of the past

Relatives who immigrated to foreign countries and homesick 🛫 want to meet children from old Hong Kong 👼🏻

In this MacBook Case and Keyboard Protector Bundle, you'll have it all. 2-piece MacBook back case with beautifully printed one-piece graphics. 1 piece of ultra-thin silicone keyboard membrane with the same pattern and matching color and texture

Basic function introduction

. The ultra-thin case effectively prevents the computer from being scratched when it is bumped

. Effective dustproof

. Effective anti-slip Add anti-slip pads on the bottom shell

. The special ventilation position on the bottom case helps the computer to dissipate heat

. Easy to assemble and disassemble, fast installation to avoid scratches during installation

This product is a customized product, and it will be produced after you pay, and the shipment can be arranged in about 10 to 15 working days. The pattern will be slightly different depending on the size of the MacBook, and the color will be different depending on the screen you are using. The pictures on the website are schematic diagrams, and the colors are based on the actual finished product. Please pay attention to the MacBook model you choose before ordering (please check the Model number on the bottom of the MacBook), returns and exchanges are not accepted. If you are unable to confirm your MacBook model or cannot find your model, please contact us.

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