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1819 Hong Kong Coastal Defense Remake Map Puzzle

1819 Hong Kong Coastal Defense Remake Map Puzzle

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Do you want to explore the changes and development of Hong Kong? Then this 1819 Hong Kong Coastal Defense Remake Map Puzzle is just what you need!

This map is recreated from the real map of 1819, you can get a glimpse of what Hong Kong was like in those days, Our collection of puzzles offers an interactive way to explore the history and development of Hong Kong, with each puzzle piece revealing a part of this vibrant city's past . Learn about the urban planning, buildings, roads and other information of Hong Kong at that time. In the map, we can still see the names of some places still used today. Such as Cheung Chau, Stanley, Yang Shuen Chau, Tap Mun and Lei Yue Mun, etc. The "red incense burner" in the picture (that is, the area around Causeway Bay today) was one of the general ancient names of Hong Kong Island at that time. This wooden puzzle also features high-quality printing and detailed workmanship, making it a treasured collectible.

Great fun to put together and great family fun to play with family or friends. This puzzle is not only a beautiful decorative piece, but also a historically significant keepsake.

Order your 1819 Hong Kong Remastered Map Puzzle today and enjoy traveling back in time!

  • Wooden blocks are strong and not easy to disperse
  • Give it to friends who love Hong Kong, let the next generation know more about Hong Kong
  • A farewell gift that best represents Hong Kong so that they can preserve the memories of Hong Kong
  • Puzzle does not include frame

Number of blocks


300 pieces 38 x 26 cm
500 pieces 52 x 38 cm
1000 pieces 75.5 x 50 cm
  • The pictures are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail
  • Product is a high-res restoration copy of the map, not the original map, map scale may vary by style
  • This product is only intended for use by persons aged 14 or above
  • It takes 3-14 days for the goods to be prepared, packed and delivered to the postal company

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