About Us

Explore the tunnel of time and relive the classic elegance of Hong Kong! Hong Kong Maper takes you on a magical journey to seek the bygone era. Our mission is to revive nostalgic Hong Kong maps and create a range of lifestyle products such as mouse pads, wall art, puzzles, coffee mugs, and more, allowing the memories and traditions of the past to blossom in the present.

Hong Kong Maper is not just a brand name; it embodies the deep affection of its founder for Hong Kong. We strive alongside every Hong Konger to pursue an ideal life, feel the spirit beneath Lion Rock, and establish self-identity. Through our products, we showcase the unique spirit of the people of Hong Kong, connecting the past and the present in a close bond. We firmly believe in the power of stories and memories to bridge time and distance, enabling people to collectively experience the essence of Hong Kong.

In the passage of time, we have witnessed numerous changes accompanied by laughter and tears. However, amidst these transitions, we may have forgotten certain feelings of past eras. Hence, we utilize advanced computer restoration techniques to recreate vintage-themed products featuring Hong Kong's ancient maps, iconic landmarks, and symbols, once again presenting the brilliance of the old Hong Kong. Whether you are currently in Hong Kong or have left for education, work, or migration, our aim is to help you rediscover the memories of yesteryears.

Hong Kong is undergoing rapid transformation, evolving from a small fishing village to an industrial export port and now to a multicultural city. In the face of challenges, all we need is to hold onto our inner beliefs and the spirit of never giving up, enabling us to forge ahead. Hong Kong possesses many impressive places such as Choi Hung Estate, Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon Walled City, and Victoria Harbour. Perhaps, we once played carefree in the same locations, sharing joyful moments and leaving behind cherished childhood memories.

As times change, new journeys unfold. In the process of creation, each product evokes memories of bygone times. These emotions are worth preserving and worth passing on to the next generation to understand the value and significance of history! Our team is dedicated to finding relevant historical data and photographs to ensure that each product brings you the emotions of the old era. Additionally, we share restored and enhanced old photos on Instagram and Facebook, allowing everyone to reminisce about the footsteps of the past together!

Let us, as Hong Kongers, continue to face the future with an indomitable spirit and embrace our own lives! Follow our accounts @HongKongMaper on Facebook and Instagram to delve into the history and culture of Hong Kong, and journey back to the Hong Kong of yesteryears!

Through Hong Kong Maper, you will rediscover the magnificent beauty of Hong Kong and feel the moments we once cherished. Let us join hands and blend the memories of the past with the passion of the present, creating a new era of Hong Kong filled with stories and cherished memories!