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1595 Guangdong Coastal Remake Map Mouse Pad

1595 Guangdong Coastal Remake Map Mouse Pad

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A nostalgic historical gift for Hong Kong people, a remake of the 1595 nostalgic Hong Kong map mouse pad

Do you want to have a precious collection that will bring you back to Hong Kong nostalgia? We bring you a mouse pad that combines nostalgic Hong Kong map and practicality, so that you can feel the unique charm of Hong Kong at work and leisure.

  • Restored and produced with reference to the 1595 Yue Da Ji Guangdong coastal map excerpt, On the map we can still see the names of some places still in use today. Such as Tai O, Yang Chuan Chau, Tai Tam and Lei Yue Mun, etc.
  • Not just a mouse pad but can also be used as a table mat / car dashboard anti-slip mat
  • The bottom layer is made of natural rubber, which is soft and feels good to the table.
  • The surface layer uses " Mutispandex " professional fabric Good waterproof
  • Easy to clean and washable without fading
  • smoothly fabric A good assistant for reducing mouse drag
  • Two sizes: 60(L) x 35(W)cm / 90(L) x 40(W)cm
Bring the nostalgic Hong Kong map to your home now
  • The pictures are for reference only and all objects shall prevail
  • The product is HD of the map Repaired a copy instead of the original map
  • Map scale will vary by product type
  • It takes 3-14 days for the goods to be prepared, packed and delivered to the shipping company

1595 Hong Kong Artwork Coastal Map Mouse Pad - hong kong maper

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