About Us

We aim to reproduce the feeling of the bygone era through our products and preserve the memory and tradition of the bygone era.

Hong Kong Maper is not only a brand name, but also carries the founder's feelings for Hong Kong. In the glorious years of the past, we, like all Hong Kong people, fought hard and struggled for the ideals we pursued in life, which embodies the unique spirit of Hong Kong under the Lion Rock and also establishes the identity of Hong Kong people. We hope to show the unique spirit of Hong Kong people through our products and strive to create a vibrant connection between the past and the present. We believe in the power of stories and memories to bring people together and bridge the divides of time and distance.
In the past, we have experienced many changes in people and things. There are joys and sorrows, but during the transformation, we may forget some feelings about the old things. So we used computer restoration technology to make some old maps, special scenery and signs of Hong Kong into a series of retro-themed products, presenting the feeling of old Hong Kong to everyone. Whether you are in Hong Kong, or have left Hong Kong due to study, work or immigration, we will also help you find your old memories.
Hong Kong is undergoing rapid transformation, from a small fishing village to an industrial export port, and today it has developed into a multicultural city. Whenever we encounter mistakes, as long as we remember the belief in our hearts and the spirit of never giving up, we will have the courage to go on. There are many impressive places in Hong Kong, such as Choi Hung Village, Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon Walled City, Victoria Harbour, etc. Maybe you and I used to play carefree in the same places, talking and laughing with friends happily and sincerely Your own dreams, the scenery changes in a flash, do these bring back childhood memories among you?
The end of an era is also the beginning of a new milestone. We recalled many past events in the process of creation. It is this kind of feeling that we will not forget, and it is worth preserving, so that the next generation can know the value and significance of history! Our team will also strive to find relevant historical materials and photos for each product produced, in order to bring the old feeling to the present. We are also constantly sharing some on IG and Facebook. The old photos will be repaired or the image quality will be improved, and the new and old photos will be compared, so that everyone can remember the old footprints!
May we Hong Kong people continue to face the future with indomitable spirit and embrace our own life!
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