Payment Method 付款方式

We provide multiple payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, FPS , Payme and bank transfer.

1.Credit Card - Visa, Master, American Express

2.Electronic payment: Google Pay / Apple Pay

3.Bank Transfer (HSBC) : 521-086454-838 Acct.Holder: Hong Kong Maper Limited

4.FPS Phone Number : 6733 8887 Or select "QFPay Secure Checkout" in the checkout interface to pay by QR code

5. Payme : Select "QFPay Secure Checkout" in the checkout interface to pay via QR code or pay via the link:



After you have selected the goods and checked out, Please send your proof of payment and the order number to or direct message to our Instagram/ Facebook @hongkongmaper or Whatsapp to 6733 8887. After confirming the payment, we will reply to you immediately and start production.


我們提供多個付款方法,包括Apple Pay、Google Pay、信用卡、轉數快、Payme與銀行轉賬

1.信用卡- Visa, Master, American Express

2.電子支付:Google Pay / Apple Pay

3.銀行轉帳 (HSBC) : 521-086454-838 持有人:Hong Kong Maper Limited

4.FPS 轉數快 - 在結帳介面透過輸入我們提供的轉數快電話號碼付款(轉數快電話號碼: 6733 8887) 或在結帳介面選擇 「QFPay Secure Checkout」透過二維碼轉數快付款

5. Payme :在結帳介面選擇 「QFPay Secure Checkout」透過二維碼轉數快付款 或透過連結付款:


當你挑算好貨品及結帳後,請將你的轉帳記錄截圖發送到 或發送訊息到 Instagram/ Facebook @hongkongmaper 或Whatsapp到 6733 8887。確認付款後,我們會立即回覆你及開始製作。