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1945 2D Shaded Topographic Remake Map of Hong Kong on Canvas

1945 2D Shaded Topographic Remake Map of Hong Kong on Canvas

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Embarking on a Time-Space Exploration Journey! 🌍✨

Through our meticulously recreated 2D shaded terrain map of Hong Kong's entire territory in 1945, you will gain a fresh perspective on the history and development of Hong Kong! 🔍✨


We showcase the intricate street grid and architectural details of Hong Kong, bringing the 1945 map to life with astonishing detail. It's not just a topographic map; it's a rich historical and cultural resource, encompassing the streets, buildings, transportation, and cultural landmarks of that era, allowing you to delve deep into the development and transformations of Hong Kong. 🗺️🕰️


Using advanced technology and high-quality canvas, we print the map with exquisite visual effects. The map employs a 2D shaded terrain design, blending the present-day coastline and topography with the 1945 map, resulting in a captivating visual representation that provides a clearer understanding of Hong Kong's landscape changes, including land reclamation and the location of new airports. ⛰️🌊✈️


By choosing our 1945 recreated map of Hong Kong, you not only acquire a piece of art but also bring refined and elegant decoration to your home or office! 🏢🏡 Order now and experience the marvelous journey of traversing time and space! 🚀🌌


Map Sizes:
📏 A4 ~ 21(W) x 30(L) cm (with frame option)
📏 ~30(W) x 40(L) cm (with frame option)
📏 ~50(W) x 70(L) cm (with frame option)
📏 ~60(W) x 90(L) cm (with frame option)


📷 The images are for reference only; the actual product may vary. This product is a high-resolution replica of the map and not an original map. Please allow 3-14 days for order processing, packaging, and delivery to the postal company. Our maps are 2D prints and not 3D maps, but they are undoubtedly unique and eye-catching wall art! 🖼️✨


🏙️✨ Journey through history and let your space exude a unique charm! ✨🏙️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mandy Man
More than expected

Very very beautiful! More than expected!

The best map of Hong Kong

The map now hangs in my new home, a symbol of my love for Hong Kong and a reminder of the experiences that have shaped who I am today.

Chan Kin Chau

當我收到地圖時,我感到一陣激動。 回憶如潮水般湧來,我終於再次感受到了與過去的聯繫。